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Our Creative Courses. Taught in two Courses. Over 70 lessons. 5 hrs of content.

( Coming Soon!)

Stefani Longshamp

Course 01 is designed to provide you the foundation of the Mizani Method. In order to build a sustainable practice, you will need the How, Why, When, How, and Where Mizani can become most effective for you. In course one You'll learn the 5 Relationships, The 4 Core Principles with help from the Trinity Postures. 

Max Reinert

Course 02 is designed to have you explore using postures, connecting postures, and how to practically assemble these postures to create protocols for most every region of the body. You will learn over 25 postures, how to draft up a 30 min Mizani session, and manage your 4 Core Principles with fluidity.

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